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-   ABOUT US  -

The farm was purchased in September of 2015 by Neil and Niki Gioiosa.  It was in need of much love and attention, but we could see her potential.   Quickly we changed the address to Dream Lane (because our dream of owning a farm had come true) and named the farm, The Last 44 Farm.  Why the last 44?  From research we did it became apparent that our farm was one of the last 44 acre parcels zoned agricultural in Altoona.  Pretty cool and so came The Last 44 Farm.  Since September we have been working to clean the structures on the property, secure the barn by replacing the roof and have been clearing land to make way for animals (couldn't help ourselves we already have animals) and vegetable production. 

We both graduated from Juniata College in early 2003.  Neil began teaching Earth and Space Science at Altoona Area Junior High and completed his masters' degree in Agriculture.  Niki moved to DC and became a Uniformed Police Officer for the Secret Service.  In 2006 the high school sweet hearts reunited and decided to start a life and family in Altoona.  Niki transitioned  into medical device sales then to office manager for Johnny's U Pull It.  Neil continued to teach and to grow his landscaping company (Gioiosa Landscaping) and ultimately made the decision to leave teaching to become a manager at the same company as Niki.  The journey of life has blessed us with four children.  They inspire us, drive us insane, make us laugh and at the end of the day they are why we have chosen to get our hands in the earth and organically farm.  They will work the farm with us and we pray they learn to respect what God has given us.

-   WHO WE ARE  -

...A huge thanks to Ray Kaufman photography for the awesome family pics
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