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Farm Share


Help us GROW!

Our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)  farm share model is a way for local community members to invest in our farm journey. 

During the season... you have the chance to purchase a " farm share" of the year's harvest from our farm.  CSA "shareholders" pay for their produce during different times of the growing season, providing the necessary start-up funds for farmers to purchase seeds, supplies, tools, soil amendments, labor, and other farm needs. Every season is different. The farm is a living ecosystem. 


CSA is a system that benefits everyone: The farmer gains a healthy, economically viable farm business; the consumer receives affordable, fresh, healthy organic food, the local economy is strengthened, and the local environment becomes healthier as CSAs cut down on transportation and packaging.  Together we are helping leave our land, this Earth a better place for future generations.

We are excited to announce our 

Last Fall Harvest CSA

for the 2023 Season

4-Week Farm Share

October 13 - November 3

A mix of leafy green, winter squash, root vegetables

Weekly pick-ups

Maple Brook Nursery or Everything Natural 

October 13- November 3

only $50

Sign up with Below





Payment in full is due prior to the first pick-up date

Payments can be made via check, cash

 Venmo (@nicole-gioiosa-1)


Credit Card-Call or stop into Maple Brook Nursery (814)944-8151

Reserve my CSA Farm Share 

Fill out the form below

Thanks for Supporting The Last 44 Farm!

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